List of partners


Partnering possibilities

What is Eurosteel?

Eurosteel is a triennial (three yearly) scientific conference about the use of steel and composite structures in structural applications. The 10th Eurosteel conference, jointly organized by TU Delft, ETH Zürich and Bouwen met Staal, will be held in Amsterdam from 12 to 14 September 2023, with a post-conference event in Delft on the 15th of September

Who will visit Eurosteel2023?

Primary target group are academics giving lectures about their research topic. Approximately 400 researchers will present their papers in parallel sessions. These sessions range from fatigue and fracture to 3D printing (the complete list of topics is shown below).

The first day will have an interesting parallel program for business as well. The main target group is “business people” (engineers, designers, contractors, clients, suppliers). The expected number of participants is about 600, academic and business world together.

Why sponsor Eurosteel2023?

Sponsoring Eurosteel2023 might be attractive to national and international companies and organizations related to the building industry. Sponsors might be interested in giving attention to their company name, brand name or product to the academic and/or the construction sector. Or they will have a general interest in giving support to the steel construction sector.

What are the possibilities to partner?

To meet the different needs of the companies and organizations there are several partner packages. There will be a group of Platinum partners and a group of Gold partners whose company or brand names will be mentioned on screens and banners. Additional there is the possibility to have a trade booth in the main foyer or to ‘adopt’ part of the program. Part of every partner package is a particular number of entry tickets for Eurosteel2023.

These partner packages can consist of:

  1. Mentioning of company name
  2. Trade booth
  3. Connection name to part of the program
  4. Number of entry tickets (passe-partout and day) for congress

Partner packages

Gold package

  • Mentioning as partner
  • Logo on textile screen at the entrance
  • Logo on the website Eurosteel2023
  • Logo in direct mailing to all prospects
  • Attribution in social media messages
  • Attribution in all external press releases for inclusion of external media
  • 1 Roll-up banner in network space in the foyer (sponsor delivers design or material, organization delivers roll-up banner)
  • 2 entry tickets conference (excl. dinner), passe-partouts

Price: 2,000.- euro (excl. VAT)

Platinum package

  • Mentioning as main ('platinum') partner
  • Large logo on textile screen at the entrance, website and in direct mailing
  • Attribution in social media messages and in all external press releases for inclusion of external media
  • 2 Roll-up banners
  • 4 entry tickets conference (excl. dinner), passe-partouts

Price: 5,000.- euro (excl. VAT)

Trade booth (Gold+ or Platinum+)

Besides roll-up banner in network space in the foyer:

  • Table for folders and/or laptop with promotional material
  • Possibility of manning trade booth with personnel
  • 1 extra entry ticket (excl. dinner), passe-partout

Price: 1,000.- euro (excl. VAT) in addition to Gold or Platinum package

Connecting name to part of the program for Silver partner

  • Connecting company or brand name to a certain part of the program (for example a specific session, the lunch, the drinks or the boat): ‘Made possible by...’
  • Name on T-shirts of personnel or napkins

Price: Depending on which part, to be agreed upon with sponsor